These individuals have increased the stature and raised the standards of the Cleveland advertising community through their creativity and original thinking. If you are aware of someone who deserves the distinguished recognition of being inducted into the AAF-Cleveland's Hall of Fame, click here.
Bruce H. Akers
Kenneth Akers
Edward L. Andrew
Lester S. Auerbach
Selma Baron
Frank Bartucci
Robert Baumgardner
Carl W. Behl
Allan L. Billingsley
Frederick Blake
Bill Brokaw
Betty L. Brown
Jeffrey Bryden
George F. Buehler
Donald A. Campbell
Mike Cargile
Alfred Carpenter
Thomas S. Case
Edward R. Combs
Herbert W. Cooper
Wilmer H. Cordes
John C. Dix
Charles Dolan
Arthur Earley
Henry F. Eaton
Oliver Emerson
Charles Eshleman
Charles Farran
William Feather
Joseph Fewsmith
Alvin B. Fisher
C. Henry Foltz
Alan Glazen
Sterling Graham
Ray Griswold
Lawrence S. Hamaker
Lute Harmon, Sr.
Jack Harris
George N. Havens
George Hays
Henry T. S. Heckman
Clay Herrick
Sharyn Hinman
Peter Hlinka
Jerry Hoegner
Clyde E. Horton
John E. Jayme, Jr
Charles H. Kellstadt
Frank A. Kolb

Betty Landers
H. Jack Lang
Carr Liggett
David London
Alex Machaskee
Albert H. Madigan
Donald H. Marcus
Sal Marino
Charles Willard Mears
Sarah Melamed
Andrew Meldrum
John Minco
Barclay Meldrum
Robert Mitten
John Moore
Tom Moore
Ellis (Ted) Morris
Paul W. Neidhardt
Edmund Norwick, Jr.
Stanley C. Patno
John Patt
Donald Perris
Chris Perry
D. James Pritchard
Larry J. B. Robinson
William Ganson Rose
Chester Ruth
George Sapin
Louis Seltzer
Harold A. Shoup
Robert Silverman
David Skylar
Rob A. Spademan
Richard C. "Rick" Squire
David L. Stashower
Fred Stashower
Sara E. Stashower
Edward Stevens
Grant Stone
Carl Toll
Horace C. Treharne
Mort Tucker
Jack W. Walton
Robert Watts
Ron Watt
John F. Wilson
Lois Wyse
Marc Wyse